The Board of Directors is composed of 9 volunteer members in good standing that are required to volunteer between 10 – 20 hours a month to work on committees and projects. Additional volunteer hours are needed for April and May to prepare for each season opening. The board hires a paid staff consisting of  a managers, lifeguards, front desk operators and snack bar attendants for each summer season.  Board members also attend monthly progress meetings and vote on any topics requiring board approval. 

Board President


The major function of the Board President is to be the administrator of the Club and be responsible for its operation. They coordinate, delegate and enforce the bylaws to ensure the business of the club is taken care of and members are given a safe and friendly environment.



The Treasurer attends to keeping the accounts of the Club, collecting its revenues, and paying its bills as approved by the Board of Trustees.

Membership Chair


The Membership Chair oversees all member accounts within the Club. They manage the application process, maintain the wait list, and oversee the Membership Committee. In addition, they are in charge of recruiting new members to join the Club.

Aquatics Chair


The Aquatics Chair oversees the hiring of Coaches and Swim/Dive team personnel. In addition, they attend all league meetings, interacting with all teams’ representatives and represents the Club on our members’ behalf. They are responsible for setting and sharing the schedule for all swim and dive activities, both during the season and post season.

Grounds Chair


The Grounds Chair oversees the operation and maintenance of the Club’s property. They work with the pool manager to ensure all general maintenance is handled throughout the season and serve as the point of contact for any emergencies.

Personnel Chair


The Personnel Chair is responsible for all employees of the club. They oversee all personnel issues including the hiring of employees, budgeting of salaries, verifies certifications, and serves as the first point of contact to the Pool Manager to arbitrate any issues involving staff members.

Social Media Chair


The Social Media Chair will be responsible for using social media platforms to communicate all upcoming activities and events of the pool.

Activities Chair


The Activities Chair budgets and organizes social activities, including the major club parties, teen nights, family nights, and adult socials. They work with the Social and Technology Chairs to promote special events to our membership through all media streams.

Technology Chair


The Technology Chair manages all website content and email communication for Club members, both publicly available and on the member portal. They work with all members of the Board to ensure communication and calendars are up to date at all times.


Pool Manager


The pool manager attends to the operation and maintenance of the pool hardware, bathhouse, and properties of the Club. They also oversee all staffing schedules for the Club including life guards, front desk and snack bar.

Assistant Manager


The Assistant Manager reports directly to the Pool Manager and serves as support staff in the oversight of the property.

Snack Bar Manager


The Snack Bar Manager serves as supervisor to all Snack Bar employees and is tasked with hiring and training all staff and creating and managing the employees’ schedules.