The following rules and regulations have been established for the protection and benefit of all members of the Brookside Swim Club and their guests. Although this is a list of rules/infractions, it is clearly not intended to be all inclusive, since no list can be. The management and Board of Directors reserve the right to address any behavior which is deemed a violation of acceptable conduct. These rules have been established to assure the safe and sanitary operation of the club and its facilities.

The Pool Manager has full authority to interpret all rules and regulations of the club. The Assistant Manager and Lifeguards, under the direction of the Pool Manager shall enforce these rules.

Failure to comply with these rules may be considered cause for suspension from the pool. Lifeguards have complete authority when enforcing the rules. Please do not talk to or distract the Lifeguard while they are on duty guarding the pool.

Pool Hours: Mon-Fri- 12 pm to 9 pm (starting Fathers Day Weekend) 

                    Saturday – 10am to 9 pm( Starting Memorial Day weekend)

                    Sunday – 10am to 9pm( Starting Memorial Day Weekend)

Baby Pool –opens every day at 10 am ( Weekends until Fathers Day) 

Pool Hours are subject to change at anytime

Early closing will be at the discretion of the Pool Manager.

Certain areas of the main pool will be reserved for group swimming lessons and swim team practice during periods of each day. The exact schedule of these periods will be agreed upon by the Board of Directors and the Pool Manager. The schedule will be announced by the Pool Manager at the beginning of the season.

Admittance to the Club

  1. Every member must get their photo taken at the beginning of the season to have on file for admittance to the pool.
  2. All members, family members using guest passes and guests must check in at the front desk upon entering the pool.
  3. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent, responsible adult or sibling 15+ with written parental approval.

General Rules

  1. Private children’s parties may be held at the discretion of the manager.
  2. Unruly, inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated on pool grounds.
  3. No unauthorized people are permitted in the check-in area or office at any time.
  4. Loitering will not be allowed in the entrance way, check-in area, driveway or parking lot.
  5. Abusive language shall not be used by any member, guest or employee.
  6. Glass containers are not permitted anywhere on the pool property.
  7. Bathers may only enter the pool attired in conventional swim wear. No cut-off jeans are permitted.
  8. Any person causing damage to the club property through carelessness or improper use will be held responsible for the full cost of repairing or replacement of the equipment.
  9. Children who have not reached their 12th birthday will not be permitted in the club at any time unless they are accompanied by either a parent, responsible adult or a sibling age 15 or above with written approval by the parent.
  10. No Pets are allowed inside the club gate.
  11. Members shall drive slowly and carefully at all times in the club area and park only in prescribed areas.
  12. Entrance area parking is limited to pick up and discharging of passengers only.
  13. If at anytime a child is asked to leave the pool property for repeated disobedience while on pool property the parents will be notified.
  14. Swimmies/inflatable devices are not permitted
  15. Unbanded children that are in area other than 3 foot section must be supervised by an adult.
  16. No chairs are permitted on the pool deck (The 4 foot area surrounding the pool).
  17. No eating or drinking on the pool deck.
  18. All bathers must shower before entering the pool.
  19. Expectorating and nose blowing are not permitted in the pool.
  20. Persons with infectious diseases are not permitted in the pools.
  21. Children of diaper age or not completely potty trained are not permitted in the main pool. Swimmer diapers not allowed.
  22. All children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult in the bathrooms.

Baby Pool

  1. Use of the baby pool is limited to unbanded children under the age of seven and / or the manager’s discretion.
  2. Children of diaper age or untrained must wear diapers with rubber pants in the baby pool.
  3. No eating or drinking on the pool apron/deck.

Main Pool

  1. No food or refreshments of any kind may be carried on or eaten on the pool deck.
  2. No running will be permitted on the pool deck, concrete walks, or in the dressing rooms.
  3. Floating devices and toys will not be permitted in the main pool. No sharp, hard or breakable objects will be allowed in the main pool.
  4. Eye glasses will be permitted in the pools only at the manager’s discretion.
  5. Smoking is permitted only in the designated area. This area is located in the back woods.
  6. No shoes/scuba shoes may be worn on the pool deck/apron.
  7. Use of the starting blocks is prohibited.
  8. The lap lane is for lap swimmers and band testing only.
  9. Swimmers may not go through the lap lane to move from one area of the pool to another. 10. Swimmers must enter the pool using a front entry. No flips, twists, or falling backward into the pool.
  10. No horseplay or rough-housing in the water or on the deck.
  11. No children under the age of 18 are allowed in the main pool or diving well during the adult swim.
  12. Children may swim in the 3 foot section during adult swim.
  13. Adult swims will be 30 minutes in duration and will be announced at the discretion of the manager.

15 No jumping in the area around the ladders in the main pool. This area is to be kept clear for safe entrance and exiting.

Penalties – Penalties for frequent infractions of pool rules by children are as follows:

1st Offense – Verbal Warning

2nd Offense – 15 minutes on bench

3rd Offense – 30 minutes on bench

4th Offense – 1 hour work/trash detail

5th Offense – ejected from the club.

Diving Well Rules

  1. Diving well closed when there is no lifeguard in the diving well guard chair.
  2. No dangerous dives allowed.
  3. Only one person on the diving board at a time.
  4. No one under the diving boards.
  5. No one hanging from the diving boards.
  6. Diver is only allowed to go off the end of the board, never off the sides.
  7. Diver must exit quickly to the ladder nearest the board or slide.
  8. Never swim across the front of the other board or slide.
  9. No swimming in the diving well when the boards are in use.
  10. No diving from the pool sides into the diving well while the boards are in use.
  11. Any child with a lower band found in the diving well will have their band taken away for the remainder of the day, thereby revoking their water privileges for the day. The band will be returned to the child the following day when the child reports to the Pool Manager.
  12. Feet first only approach on the sliding board.

Guest Policy

Adults (Day Pass) – $10.00

Children (Day Pass) – $10.00

Adults & Children after 5pm – $5.00

Children under 2 – Free

10 Guest Passes – $90.00

  1. A guest privilege shall consist of admission to the club of one or more members of any one family on any given occasion.
  2. No one under the age of 18 will be permitted to bring a guest without a member or other responsible adult.
  3. No fee will be charged for children under the age of 2.
  4. Adult babysitters will be permitted to accompany members children and will be admitted as a paying guest under the above rules.

Band Testing

  1. Children under the age of 10 years will be required to pass a swimming test to determine where they may swim, unless they are on the swim team. Lifeguard and pool manager discretion
  2. Different colored ankle bands will be issued to the child to indicate to pool personnel the area in which the child is qualified to swim.
  3. These bands must be worn at all times while the child is in the pool or on the deck.
  4. Children not wearing the band will not be allowed out of the 3 foot area of the main pool unless accompanied by a responsible swimmer.

The Band Test

  1. Diving well and the main pool – Two (2) lengths of the pool in a freestyle stroke plus 60 seconds of treading water
  2. Main Pool – One (l) length of the pool in a freestyle stroke plus 30 seconds of treading water.

The evaluation of all banded swimmers will be recorded by lifeguard, assistant manager and manager only.

If any child fails at an attempt for a band, that child should practice and be tested again on another day. This also applies to any child failing on an attempt for higher band. If the child passes, the lower band will be exchanged for the higher band.

PLEASE NOTE: The management reserves the right to test any individual at any time, regardless of age, to determine their water ability. If an individual has questionable ability, they will be restricted from certain areas of the pool. This is to safeguard the individual as well as the membership and the club.

PLEASE NOTE: A child with a lower band found in the diving well and not accompanied by an adult will have their band taken away for the remainder of the day. The band will be returned to the child on the following day when the child reports to the Pool Manager.

Tennis and Basketball Courts

  1. It is required that all players wear sneakers while playing on either court.
  2. No hanging from the basketball hoop or net.
  3. No unnecessary abuse of pool equipment.

We all hope you have a safe and happy summer!